Is it time for change?

I understand that your heart is telling you it's time to embrace some sort of change so that you can experience more joy and fulfillment in your life.

How do I know this?

Well I wouldn't have been inspired to write this email and you would not have been inspired or at least curious to open it if that wasn't the case. 

So, if you were to trust your gut instinct, what is it that you are feeling it's time to change, improve, or release?

Does it have to do with your career, your health, your relationships, or your finances?

Or, is it a habit that is causing negative results in your life, or a negative pattern such as allowing yourself to be a doormat or continually procrastinating things that need to be taken care of?

Whatever it is that is tugging at your heartstrings is going to involve letting go of what is familiar and being willing to walk into unfamiliar territory.

It's a simple fact that you can't hang on to where you are and expect to progress.

That would be...

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What Kind of Empath Are You?

Notice that I didn't ask in the subject line of this email, "Are you an empath?"

That's because we all are empaths to one degree or another.

The question really is are you aware of your empathic gifts and what type of gifts do you have?

If you are new to the energy world let me first of all define what an empath is for you. 


This definition defines the most common type of an empath or the one that is the most prevalent. However, There are other different kinds of empaths. Read the following and see if you can relate with one or more types.

Emotional Empath: Everyone on this earth has some empathic ability. However, there are some that are far more sensitive than others. This can be very overwhelming if the person doesn't know how to distinguish between another person's emotions, and their own. This is because an emotional empath can actually feel and experience the emotions of other people and will mistake them for their own.

I find that many people that...

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Dogs are our angels too!


This weekend has been tough one at our home. 

But the reason that it's been tough has been different, for my husband then it has been for me.

Friday, we put a member of our family to sleep, for the last time.

For 20 years my husband had wanted a dog and I didn't.

One day my daughter brought this black furball  home from a friends house that had just had puppies and asked her dad (kids always know the right parent to ask these kinds of questions) if we could keep her. 

Of course, he said yes. It was something he had been wanting too and he knew I would initially be mad, but I would get over it. 

I figured if it was something that he had wanted for 20 years that it was time to quit being selfish and realize how much having a dog meant to him.

So I wasn't too mad.

So Daisy Bumpus became a part of our family and has been a part for the last 13 years.

Every time Russ walked in the door, Daisy would be there to greet him and every time he would say,...

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Is your subconscious mind sabotaging you?

Have you ever known that their was something keeping you stuck in your life, but you couldn't put your finger on what it is?

Today in our Coaching Scholars call, (a group coaching program that I have) as I facilitated the group energy releasing session an interesting thing came up.

The focus this month is Inspired Goal Setting. When you set goals you feel inspired to set, have a big enough "WHY" for reaching the goal, it will keep you motivated to reach the goal.

I asked each participant to come up with one goal that they wanted to work toward this month. 

Then on the call I muscle tested how determined they were to reach the goal that they had set.

They ranged from 35% to 70% determined.

Well if you start out not determined to reach your goal, there is no way that you will be able to focus on the actions that are necessary to accomplish your goal!

Four of the four participants we  were struggling taking the actions that would move...

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