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Is your subconscious mind sabotaging you?

emotional pain energy work energy work kaysville utah energy work utah fear goal setting goals lose weight muscle testing not good enough protection sabotage self image self worth shame stuck subconscious mind weight Sep 12, 2019

Have you ever known that their was something keeping you stuck in your life, but you couldn't put your finger on what it is?

Today in our Coaching Scholars call, (a group coaching program that I have) as I facilitated the group energy releasing session an interesting thing came up.

The focus this month is Inspired Goal Setting. When you set goals you feel inspired to set, have a big enough "WHY" for reaching the goal, it will keep you motivated to reach the goal.

I asked each participant to come up with one goal that they wanted to work toward this month. 

Then on the call I muscle tested how determined they were to reach the goal that they had set.

They ranged from 35% to 70% determined.

Well if you start out not determined to reach your goal, there is no way that you will be able to focus on the actions that are necessary to accomplish your goal!

Four of the four participants we  were struggling taking the actions that would move them forward in their lives  because their subconscious mind was "PROTECTING" them from perceived pain. 

Perceived pain is what creates the resistance to taking the actions needed to move forward and then results in spinning your wheels and being stuck in your life.

However, because it is completely a subconscious fear, you may realize that fear is in your way of moving forward, but many times without doing an energy session that allows you to access the subconscious mind where all your limiting beliefs are stored, you will stay stuck for a very long time.

See if any of the following four scenarios ring any bells for you?

For anonymity reasons we will just call each them participant 1,2, 3 and 4.

Participant #1 was very ashamed of her weight and frustrated that she was not going anywhere with her direct sales business.

So ashamed that when a picture of her was posted by a family member she completely panicked and went into hysterics and asked this family member to remove the post.

As we dove into this shame 40% of the shame was generational shame around not being perfect. 

But that left 60% that was personally hers.

As we dove into the next layer, this shame was "PROTECTING" her from success. 

Sounds crazy right?

Well, her subconscious, limiting belief was that  success would bring people into her business that would depend on her to be a good  leader in her direct sales marketing business.

Because she had been let down by leaders in the past she was afraid that those on her team would feel let down by her the same way that she had felt let down by her past leaders and she would feel ashamed.

Letting people down is very painful!

So she was sabotaging herself by putting on weight.

He subconscious mind believes it's shameful to be overweight and she would be "PROTECTED" from having to put herself out in the public eye, which is where she would meet the people that would potentially want to join her team and turn her into a leader and she would be able to avoid the shame of letting them down.

It's interesting how giving her power away to shame in different ways was keeping her powerless to release weight and build her business.

Total sabotage!

Participant #2  also desired to release extra weight that she had put on since having children.

She realized that for some reason, extra weight made her feel strong

That sounds even crazier than participant #1's reason for holding onto excess weight. Yes?

Well there was time in her younger years where she was really fit and she used her body to address her need of self-worth.

What we put out we attract! So since she felt that to be attractive she had to be skinny, she attracted men that would "love her" or be attracted to her because it was important to them that their girlfriend was fit.

These men were very self absorbed and and verbally abusive. 

So even though she is happily married to a wonderful man today, subconsciously, she is still afraid that if she was fit she might revert back to her old habits and would attract people into her life that would hurt her because they were verbally abusive and self absorbed.

So, subconsciously, her weight "PROTECTS" and makes her be  strong so she wouldn't attract people that would make her feel weak and abuse her would not be attracted to her.

So  why would her body want to release the weight if it wasn't safe to be skinny?

And if it did, it certainly would put it right back on again, because it wouldn't feel safe!

Participant #3 is trying to start her own coaching business and is also afraid of success, because she is afraid of people expecting more from her than she could give. 

As a child, she was never good enough for her mother, no matter how hard she tried.

So her limiting belief was if I bring clients into my business they will have expectations that I can't meet. (Similar to participant #1 but her word was shame and disappointment, this person's is expectation)

So again bringing clients into her new business wouldn't be fun and exciting. It would be painful.

Well, who in their right mind wants to put forth the effort to attract people that are just going to cause pain in their life?

So she has been subconsciously "PROTECTING" herself from this pain and she has been struggling to get her business off the ground for at least six months.

Participant #4 was in complete overwhelm and trying to hit the next rank in her direct sales business.

She was struggling to consistently do the activities that would attract the customers that she needs to rank in her business. 

So she was subconsciously "PROTECTING" herself from further overwhelm by resisting the actions that it would take to advance to the next level.

Again, why would you do take action if those actions might potentially be painful?

She consciously didn't realize that she didn't feel safe, but her subconscious mind had beliefs that it wasn't going to be safe, which kept her from moving forward.

The cool thing is that by the end of the call, everyone muscle tested that they were back fully connected to their personal power and were 100% determined to reach their goal!


Is there something that fear is stopping you from accomplishing?

Do you feel resistance to moving forward but you don't know why?

Well, you can always do my favorite exercise that I have talked about before, which I call a Brain Dump.

This means you just write whatever comes to your mind surrounding this fear for 15 minutes without stopping to think.

Just write the words in your head.

Even if they sound stupid or don't make sense. 

I promise if you will be open and vulnerable with yourself, yes there are those that are afraid to look at why they are afraid, and set the intention to get to your core belief that is holding you back, you will be able to figure out how you are "PROTECTING" yourself from perceived pain. 

Then, reframe the limiting belief with an empowering belief that is connected to truth and will inspire you to move forward.

I teach you how to do this in my Transformation Basics Course BTW.

The you can release it by putting your hand on your heart and ask your body, mind and spirit to let it go.

However, If you still feel stuck then take a leap of faith and book an appointment with me. If you DON"T FEEL UNSTUCK BY THE TIME THE SESSION IS OVER, the session is on me!






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