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Transformation Code  Level 1 Training

An effective, spiritually centered modality that gets to the root of the issues that keep people stuck, frustrated, depressed, and anxious. 


Would you like to have the tools to help yourself and others improve mindset, gain greater clarity, and raise your vibration?

Join me for my next online class that starts Tuesday, October 11th at either 9 am or 5 pm

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Learn how to live true to yourself so you can experience greater happiness, fulfillment, and well-being in your life.

Each and everyone of us is a powerful creator!

However, it's your mindset and your ability to follow your intuition that makes all the difference in whether you are powerfully creating the life you want to live or whether you are continually sabotaging your happiness because you are giving your power away to limiting beliefs that create fear, shame, doubt, and feelings of not enough.

You can learn all the mindset tips and tricks you want, but if you can't apply them because your own limiting beliefs and fears are constantly getting in your way then you will constantly feel stuck and frustrated.

The Transformation Code is a powerful modality that helps you identify the limiting beliefs and trapped emotions that cause you to continually sabotage your progress. It also helps you to shift your mindset to beliefs that are aligned with truth that empower you to move forward and reach your goals and dreams. 

Whether you just want more tools to help yourself and your family or whether you want to create your own Energy Work/Coaching practice you will find that learning the Transformation Code is life-changing!

Transformation Code Level 1


  • Transformation Code Level 1 Manual
  • Four weeks of online training and practice
  • Four 90-minute live virtual group classes
(Class is limited to 10 people)

This is why the Level 1 Transformation Code course takes personal development to a whole new level! 



Imagine what it would be like to, within minutes of feeling stuck, frustrated, and powerless, be able to identify the subconscious limiting beliefs and trapped emotions that are sabotaging your progress, peace, and fulfillment? 

Now, imagine being able to identify and replace them with universal principles of truth, giving you the clarity you need to empower yourself to keep moving forward and progressing?

In this four-week online course, you will learn how to use the powerful tool of muscle testing combined with the tools in the Transformation Code Basics Manual to give your spirit, which knows your truth, a voice. 

You will also learn how to more fully align with your personal power, remember your infinite worth and value, and connect with the pure, unconditional love from your Higher Power. Learning how to stay connected to these three things is the foundation that helps you build a solid, fulfilling structure for continual growth, learning, and progression.

This course is completely backed by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you show up to all the classes, listen to the recordings and practice the skills taught, and you don't feel that your life has drastically changed for the better, then you will receive a full refund.

(Class is limited to 10 people)
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