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Here is what a few of my clients had to say about their experience with Transformation Energy Work

~Rob F. - Owner of Foncannon Tax and Financial Services

“The benefits that I have received from Coaching with Janette is unlike any other coaching I get. The mindset work that she provides has especially been effective with me as it related to how I “felt” about money and the limitations it was creating in my business. I have benefited greatly from the coaching and TCB courses that I have taken from Janette. I am so grateful for Janette and the work she does!”




~Lori M.

“Going through Janette’s program has helped me to be able to help myself in becoming the person I am meant to be. If I am having a very hard day I can tune into myself using the Transformation Code Basics manual and find out what I need to shift in my thinking to make my day go better. I am so grateful to have been introduced to this wonderful program. Using it helps me get through life more happily. Thanks Janette for teaching this program to me and many others.”




~Lezlee M. -  Songwriter and Vocalist

“Taking the Transformation Code Basics Course assisted me in giving me a checklist to go down when I am feeling off, so that I can feel back on my game and pointed in the direction once again. It also has shown me that I can truly get my own answers.”




~Gloria Atwood

“Janette shares her gift of true perception as she gently and lovingly teaches the necessary steps in healing. She sincerely cares with no ulterior motives. Her honest approach creates a safe place to learn. Clarity flows with compassion and understanding. I’m in the right place, at the right time, with the right tools to become who I was destined to be. I’ve gone from wanting to end my life, to cherishing every minute. I’m getting to know and love myself! I will succeed! Thank you!”




~Tyler M.

"I’ve been to a lot of other spiritual/energy healers/coaches and few have the right balance and understanding of giving meaningful direction in a way that respects personal revelation. I felt completely comfortable and enlightened by my experience with Janette and Transformational Energy."