Are you having a personal power outage?

Are you having a personal power outage?

You know, the kind where you don't feel connected to life, or your purpose, or your goals, or your dreams?

Where you don't really feel capable to take life on because just doing all the normal stuff feels overwhelming.

You may also be experiencing low energy which causes procrastination because you have no drive to get things done, and then you just want to eat anything and everything in your house that is comforting and tasty, even if you know it will make you feel heavy, bloated and mad at yourself later.

Because you JUST DON'T CARE!

This is a cycle that happens to me from time to time and is easy to get stuck in.

This is because until you can figure out the root of what is causing it, the symptoms are likely to continue and the downward spiral continues until you feel like life is totally out of control.

However, if you have tools and knowledge you can stop it right as it is happening BEFORE you have too many "Oh shoot's!"...

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Is your subconscious mind sabotaging you?

Have you ever known that their was something keeping you stuck in your life, but you couldn't put your finger on what it is?

Today in our Coaching Scholars call, (a group coaching program that I have) as I facilitated the group energy releasing session an interesting thing came up.

The focus this month is Inspired Goal Setting. When you set goals you feel inspired to set, have a big enough "WHY" for reaching the goal, it will keep you motivated to reach the goal.

I asked each participant to come up with one goal that they wanted to work toward this month. 

Then on the call I muscle tested how determined they were to reach the goal that they had set.

They ranged from 35% to 70% determined.

Well if you start out not determined to reach your goal, there is no way that you will be able to focus on the actions that are necessary to accomplish your goal!

Four of the four participants we  were struggling taking the actions that would move...

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