Transformation Code Basics


There is a new morning and evening class that starts at the beginning of every month.

I only allow 10 students per class.




Would you like to experience greater happiness, fulfillment, and well-being in your life?

Let's face it! Life is challenging!

The minute you allow your fears or limiting beliefs to take center stage, you disconnect from whatever those fears or limiting beliefs are concerning.

For example...

If it's your marriage, you won't be fully connected to your spouse.

 If it's your business, you won't be fully connected to your business. 

You get the idea!

When fears and limiting beliefs are happening you are not fully connected to or aligned with the universal principles of truth that make that part of your life flow.

And like gravity, whether you believe in that natural law or not, you are still bound by the principles that govern that law. 

In a nutshell, this webinar demonstrates the power that the Transformation Code Basics program has to help you identify your fears and limiting beliefs.

 You can also use it to help a family or friend as well.

 Then it will help you identify the trapped emotions that are connected to them, release them and then reframe them with truth, so you can get realigned with the natural laws that govern all things.

You can't fix what you don't know is broken! Right?

Learn about Transformation Code Basics!

Just five minutes, let's take a stroll.

Knowledge is power!

So if you can identify what isn't working, and get to the root of why it's not working, most of the time you will realize that it really doesn't make sense and you can see what's out of alignment. 

Then through muscle testing, the spirit, and sometimes just common sense, you can figure out what is the truth.

When you are 100% in alignment with truth then your path is clear and you can move forward again. 

The Transformation Code Basics program is for the person that wants more tools to help them stay out of their own way, and to help family and friends. 

It can also help you decide IF you want to become a Transformation Code Practitioner/Coach. If you decide you want to go on to  Level II, then I will take your investment off the price of the Transformation Code training, which is also taught online in 4 to 5 classes, depending on how quickly members learn it.

Transformation Code Basics

How do you get to participate in the Transformation Code Basics program, and what cool things do you get with it?

In your printed manual
you will find:

  • 61 pages of instruction and information
  • A Negative Emotion chart to help you identify and release trapped emotions
  • A Go Deeper chart to help you dive into your blocks.
  • The foundation balance to help you feel more whole.
  • A list of 60 of the most common limiting beliefs
  • A list of good questions to ask to help you to get unstuck
  • A list of positive affirmations to help you reframe and integrate your truth.

Transformation Code Basics Course



In this comprehensive course you will learn:

  • What energy work is, and the power it can have in your life.
  • What it means to be empathic.
  • How to cast out and shield.
  • How to muscle test.
  • How to reframe your limiting beliefs.
  • How to let faith instead of fear drive you.
  • and much much more!

AND!!!!!! Four online weekly training classes!

  • Choose between attending a Tuesday morning or evening online class (Limited to 10 people per class.)


You will get the following BONUSES!

  • Muscle Testing Course
  • Pillar of Light Meditation
  • Morning Routine Guide.
  • Participate in the Transformation Code Basics Facebook group for continued support and learning!

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