Transformation Code Basics

Learn the skills to identify what is keeping you stuck. Live an inspired, fulfilling life!


Would you like to experience greater happiness, fulfillment, and well-being in your life?

NEXT ONLINE CLASS STARTS Wednesday, November 11th 9:00 AM EVENING CLASSES ARE ALSO AVAILABLE. (10 students per class maximum)

Let's face it! Life is challenging!

The more tools that you have to successfully navigate the ups and downs of life the more empowered and successful you will be.

The Transformation Code Basics program takes personal development to a whole new level, because it teaches you how to peel away the layers of limiting beliefs, fears and triggering trapped emotions that continually sabotaging you from finding purpose, passion and fulfillment in your life.

In this four week online course you will learn how to use the powerful tool of muscle testing combined with the tools in the Transformation Code Basics Manual to give your spirit, which knows your truth, a voice. 

You will also learn how to more fully align with your personal power, remember your infinite worth and value, and to connect with the pure, unconditional love from your Higher power. Learning how to stay connected to these three things is the foundation that helps you build a solid, fulfilling structure for continual growth, learning and progression.

This course is completely backed by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you show up to all the classes or listen to the recordings and you don't feel that your life has drastically changed for the better then you will receive a full refund.


Don't be shy! Book your breakthrough session and experience the power that the Transformation Code and energy work can have in your life.

Knowledge is power!

You can't fix what isn't working in your life if you aren't aware of the limiting beliefs, fears and trapped emotions that keep you stuck in the same patterns that cause the same frustrating results.

Through combining muscle testing, the tools in the Transformation Code Basics Course, and your intuition (which will increase in this course) you will learn how to identify what keeps creating these frustrating patterns as well as how to shift  and replace them with universal truths that will create a more positive and productive state of mind. 

Reading self-help books, going to seminars, and taking personal development courses will not have transform your life if you have subconscious beliefs that are constantly sabotaging your progress. Knowledge is only powerful if you are able to put it to use.

So if you are tired of spinning your wheels then jump in with both feet and register today. 

 You can also use this course to help your friends and family with their struggles.

It is also the pre-requisite for those that want to become Transformation Energy Practitioners and Coaches. If you decide you want to go on to  Level II, then I will take your investment off the price of the Transformation Code training, which is also taught online in 4 to 5 classes, depending on how quickly members learn it.


I am so grateful for these tools! I honestly don't know how people live their lives without them because they have blessed my life so much!
But don't take my word for it! This course comes with a complete satisfaction guarantee.

Find valuable content that will teach you:

  • How to identify your spiritual gifts.
  • What an empath is and how to know what kind of an empath you are.
  • How to know if an ailment is caused by a physically issue,  an emotional issue, or both.
  • What your chakra's are and how to balance them.
  • The key to feeling more whole and how to balance yourself when your not.
  • How to identify trapped emotions and limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck.
  • Why reframing trapped emotions and limiting beliefs is a lot more effective than just releasing them.
  • How to integrate the perfect affirmations for your continued growth.

Transformation Code Basics Course


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Would you like to have more tools so you can...

  • identify what is causing you to feel off or powerless and get back in your personal power?
  • identify the limiting beliefs that are holding you back and keeping you stuck in your life?
  • help your friends and family when they are feeling off or stuck?
  • feel more empowered and whole?
  • develop your intuition and use it to live a more inspired life?


  • My Muscle Testing Course
  • My Morning Routine Guide
  • My Pillar of Light Meditation

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