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What Kind of Empath Are You?

animal empath emotional empath empath empathic energy work energy work kaysville utah energy work utah energywork energyworkutah love plant empath sheild shield Sep 12, 2019

Notice that I didn't ask in the subject line of this email, "Are you an empath?"

That's because we all are empaths to one degree or another.

The question really is are you aware of your empathic gifts and what type of gifts do you have?

If you are new to the energy world let me first of all define what an empath is for you. 


This definition defines the most common type of an empath or the one that is the most prevalent. However, There are other different kinds of empaths. Read the following and see if you can relate with one or more types.

Emotional Empath: Everyone on this earth has some empathic ability. However, there are some that are far more sensitive than others. This can be very overwhelming if the person doesn't know how to distinguish between another person's emotions, and their own. This is because an emotional empath can actually feel and experience the emotions of other people and will mistake them for their own.

I find that many people that don’t know that they are empathic are shut down because they don’t know how to cope with all the chaotic energy around them. This is because is creates anxiety and fear inside of them that they don’t know what to do with. Especially if they grew up in an unhappy home where there was a lot of yelling or was abusive of any kind. For this reason, empaths will struggle with depression, anxiety, and even social anxiety. If they don’t have any other coping mechanism they will shut down, and be more prone to turn to addictive substances that numb their pain.

Emotional empaths typically are very tender, caring, compassionate people that want to help relieve others pain. Unfortunately, this causes them to physically take on other peoples stuff unconsciously, hoping to lighten their load. However, the reality is that it is a complete “copy and paste” of the other person’s emotions and it doesn’t lighten the person's emotional burden at all. It just weighs down the empath so they are heavy and burdened as well. 

Tool: If you are feeling down and you are wondering if at least part of it someone else's stuff. Put your hand on your heart and ask, "Your mind, body and spirit to release and let go of anyone else's emotions that aren't yours." 


Claircognizant or Intuitive Empath: This empath not only, intuitively feels the emotions of those around them, but when a person is talking about another person they can feel the emotions of that person as well. They are able to feel their fears, traumas, and past history, which gives them the ability to have greater understanding about that person and why they are acting the way are. They also can tune into the energy in homes and buildings, and feel events that happened in them as well.

This is a gift that I didn't realize I had and has developed over time. Learning to feel others emotions, just long enough to understand them and then letting them go is very important for  intuitive empaths. Otherwise, it's like having a friend that is in quicksand and you jumping in the quicksand with them. Now you're both in trouble. 

Medical/Physical Empath: This person will "intuitively" sense what ails a person and what they need to feel better. They may even be able to feel that person’s subtle energy and be able to interact with and change that person’s subtle energy field to facilitate healing. If they are clairvoyant they will be able to see inside the person's body to know what is ailing that person.

Geomantic Empath: This is a fancy way of saying that you are very connected to nature. You will feel into the surroundings, nature, and landscape you are in. You may even be able to sense what types of emotions happened in that environment. They will stream through your body. You may even be inspired to decorate your home in earthy colors and things that remind you of your favorite places and things in nature.

Plant Empath: A plant empath is one who feels, knows, and senses the needs of plants. They can hear the thoughts of plants and will be meticulous and intuitive in the garden. They make amazing herbalists or shamans.

Animal Empath: An animal empath is a person who feels deeply connected with animals. He/she knows what they need and can tune into their thoughts and emotions. I have even found that the reason that kids who have not liked meat from the time they were little may be animal empaths.

Being an empath is a wonderful gift as long as you can learn how to manage the energy around you. I have found that the easiest way to manage this gift is to make sure each day that my vibration is where it needs to be for my highest good.

Like energy attracts like energy. If my vibration is low and I am in what I have come to call a "sucky place" then I will suck everyone else's low vibe emotions in as well. 

However, if my vibe is high BECAUSE I am fully connected to God's pure love and loving myself, which is what creates a high vibe, then I am protected or shielded, if you will, from others toxic energy.

So the bottom line or secret sauce is, as always...


If there is someone in your life that you feel is struggling with depression, anxiety, or other issues and you think part of the problem could be that they are taking on other people's emotions share this email with them. It just might be life changing!

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