What sets the Transformation Code Apart from other modalities?



I only have room for 10 students so reserve your spot today with a $500 deposit.

How would it feel to...

  • have the tools to positively impact others' lives in a way that no other modality can. 
  • further develop your spiritual gifts and learn how to use them to help others?
  • have a fulfilling career that allows you to the freedom to set your own prices, work your own hours and be your own boss?
  • wake up excited about your life and how you will be spending your time?

Transformation Code Training Includes:

  • The Transformation Code Level 1 and Level 2 Manuals

  • Nine online classes

  • A certificate stating you have completed the training

  • Access to continued support through the Transformation Code Practitioners Facebook Group.

  • The opportunity to become certified after you have done 20 practice sessions on 20 different people.

  • Eight weeks of personal one-on-one coaching with Janette.

  • The opportunity to become a Certified Transformation Coach.

Only 10 spots available! RESERVE YOURS TODAY!

"Hi Janette! I just had to tell you that I had an amazing session with my first real client! I have been so nervous about working on someone outside of my fellow classmates, but I am feeling much more confident. I am so excited that I can do this work!! Thank you so much for these tools! They are amazing!."

~Lisa P.
Transformation Code Practitioner

"I have completed the basics, advanced, and the Live Your Inspired Life coaching course and I AM ELATED! I have been a counselor for six years and seeing how much faster my clients progress using these tools is so exciting. These programs have transformed me and my business and taught me to live my inspired life in all areas. I am taking my business in new directions which I never saw possible. The blocks we have cleared and her absolutely inspired programs have changed my life so that I can help others change theirs. Thank you so much!"

Natalie Murphy
Licensed Therapist/Certified Transformation Code Practitioner and Transformation Coach

Are you ready to start living the life that you were meant to live?

Becoming an energy practitioner is the best decision I have made in my life since deciding to marry the love of my life 34 years ago.

I was led through a series of events to learn how to do energy work in 2011.

Being able to wake up in the morning for the last eleven years and know that I get to do something I love, that positively impacts others' lives, and get paid for it has been surreal.

Especially since I spent  22 years prior to that just surviving from day to day because of depression.  

Today, I am no longer depressed and at the end of the day, I feel fulfilled knowing that I have helped others feel their worth and value, recognize their own gifts, and reframe false beliefs that are holding them hostage from their happiness.

"I just completed my Transformation Code training and I loved it! Janette is so intuitive. She not only teaches what she loves, she loves everyone she teaches. I appreciate her willingness to share her gifts and the great opportunity I now have to help others as much as she has helped me! Thanks Janette! "

~Kim Ford

The Transformation Code is a powerful, spiritually-centered healing/coaching modality.

The Transformation Code is designed to connect with the clients body, mind and spirit with the intention of getting to the root of any issue that is blocking them from moving forward and being their best self.

If you are being called to do energy work and you are looking for a modality that easily and effectively gets to the root of a clients priority issues then look no further!

However, in order to really know if it’s the right modality for you, I would like to invite you to experience a 45-minute Breakthrough session (For first-timers only). This session can be in person or over the phone. In this session, I will educate you about the Transformation Code and then you will get to experience it for yourself. You will be amazed at how much lighter you are, how much more connected and in your power your feel, and how much higher your vibration is when we are finished.

Then your gut feeling will let you know if this modality you have been looking for!

Booking a session is easy! Just click on the book now button below, select the Breakthrough session option and then choose the time and day that works best for you.

You will notice that there are in-person and online options available.

 If you have any questions you are welcome to text me at 801-628-4880.


"I have been an intuitive life coach for 4 years and have struggled in taking my business to the next level. Since becoming certified in the Transformation Code all that has changed. I took the class in November became certified in December and doors literally started opening for me. My confidence in myself and my business has grown all from taking the class to become a Transformation Code Practitioner. And the best part is the joy and happiness I get to experience in assisting others to clear the path of what stands in the way of them becoming their truest self. "

~Cindy Montano
Certfied Transformation Practitioner/Coach

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