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Unhappy person

If You Aren't Happy

Aug 05, 2022

I’m sure you’re aware that what you focus on magnifies. 

It is magnified in your thoughts. It is magnified in your emotions. And it is magnified in your actions.

Which creates the results that you are currently getting. 

So, if you are unhappy with your current results then I would encourage you to PRACTICE becoming more AWARE of what you are focusing on.

And practice when necessary CHANGING your focus. To thoughts that have a higher frequency. Thoughts that will fill you with light, truth, and pure love so you can gain a greater understanding that comes from an eternal perspective.

Instead of a lesser, limited, earthy perspective that keeps you in fear and will continue to create more scarcity and negatively affect your worth, relationships, finances, and your ability to live your purpose.

So, how do you shift from fear and scarcity into a place of abundance and love?

Grab your journal and write about your fears, frustrations, anger, guilt, and sadness.

Then mentally freeze all those thoughts in your head and then visualize your awareness dropping down into your heart. And connect with your spirit and the spirit, which contain eternal, abundant truths. Then connect to the abundance of pure love. That love that has NO JUDGMENT and is felt when you are connected to your Heavenly Father and your angels.

Now shift from fear-based questions to faith-based questions. Without ANY judgment about your thoughts or emotions.

Questions such as… 

  • What would I have to believe to not be afraid right now?
  • What do I need to let go of to not be angry or frustrated anymore?
  • What do I need to understand to not feel guilty anymore?
  • Or what eternal perspective will help me to release sadness.

And write what comes. Let it flow without evaluating questioning. And as you fully open up to feeling the spirit that fills you with warmth, peace, tingling, or a feeling of fulness when you connect with true principles you will be amazed at what flows.

If you feel blocked, it might be time to schedule an energy session and identify what is blocking you from feeling inspired. 

In love and light! Janette