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Different Kinds of Empaths

Jul 21, 2021

Being empathic is a spiritual gift that can be very helpful once you learn more about it and how to use it to understand what another person's feeling, and you let go of the need to "save everyone". Learning how to shield yourself and especially about the form of shielding I call Radiating, which you can learn about in the next module, is super important to start practicing.

However, I have not found shielding to be foolproof, especially if my vibration is low. This is because you aren't in a place to feel and radiate pure love, which as you will learn in the next module, is your greatest tool to help you to use your gifts wisely. In this case, you can ask your body to release and let go of anyone else's stuff that you may be carrying and then take a deep breath in and just mentally give the cells in your body permission to release anyone else's baggage that you may be carrying.

There are actually many different kinds of empaths. You may recognize that you are more than just an emotional empath as you read on. 

Claircognizant or Intuitive Empath: This empath not only, intuitively feels the emotions of those around them, but when a person is talking about another person they can feel the emotions of that person as well. They are able to feel their fears, traumas, and past history, which gives them the ability to have a greater understanding of that person and why they are acting the way are. They also can tune into homes and buildings and feel events that happened in them as well. There are Intuitive Empaths that do quite well-clearing houses of the previous owners heavy energy.

Medical/Physical Empath: This person will "intuitively" sense what ails a person and if they are knowledgeable enough they will also know what they need to do to feel better. They may even be able to feel that person’s subtle energy and be able to interact with and change that person’s subtle energy field to facilitate healing. If they are also clairvoyant they will be able to see inside the person's body and can give great insight to their physical health and well-being. Anthony Williams, also known as the Medical Medium is one such person. 

Geomantic Empath: This is just a fancy way of saying that you are very connected to nature. You will feel into the surroundings of nature, and the landscape you are in. You may even be able to sense what types of emotions happened in that environment because they will stream through your body. You may even be inspired to decorate your home in earthy colors and things that remind you of your favorite places and things in nature.


Plant Empath: A plant empath is an empath who feels, knows, and senses plants and what they need to flourish. They will be meticulous and intuitive in the garden, have many houseplants, and if they also are a medical empath, make amazing herbalists.

Animal Empath: An animal empath is a person who feels deeply connected with animals. He/she intuitively knows what they need and can feel into their thoughts and emotions and just like with humans can become super heavy if they are around animals that have been mistreated or are ill.

I encourage you to embrace your empathic gifts and learn how to use them as a tool to help you live your purpose as a parent, friend, energy practitioner, coach, or whatever your purpose is. Jesus Christ is the greatest empath of all and the greatest healer of all. The spirit knows you and exactly what will help you to use your gifts wisely. As you go through this course you will become more sensitive to feeling the promptings of the spirit and you will be able to start learning how to use this gift for your highest good and for the highest good of others. All you have to do is start asking in faith and trusting that you will be led to the books, empathic people, and other resources to help you develop your gifts.