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Do you have a sense there is more to life?

Aug 05, 2021

Do you sometimes have a "sense about something?

Something that I hear my clients say often is that they have a "sense" there is actually more to their life than what they are currently experiencing.

In case you've never made the connection, sense is just another word for inspiration, which means your intuition is trying to get your attention.

However, listening to and following your intuition isn't easy.

This is because many times what your intuition is telling you to do is scary because it's outside of your comfort zone, AAAND...

it requires you to have faith in yourself and God.

Something we ALL need to practice having more of!

For instance, I just met with a new client. Part of what came up in her session is the fact that she IS a great teacher.

Only she doesn't see herself that way AT ALL.

Instead, she is always comparing herself to other people, particularly people that teach or speak in her church.

The minute this happens fear kicks in all her limiting beliefs that she doesn't know enough and isn't spiritual enough to be a good teacher.

Well Marcydudall, take it from someone who used to constantly let fear take away her power.

When you allow fear to control your decisions you will find that you constantly feel stuck, frustrated, and like your life isn't going anywhere.

So do yourself a favor and stop right now and take a moment to think of someone that you admire.

Do you have that person in the forefront of your mind?


Now I want you to think about WHY you admire this person.

Do you admire this person because they always play it safe, or do you admire them because they have the courage to take an inspired risk and did something that made a difference?

My guess is, that person that came to your mind did something that you feel is courageous... something that took faith and determination to achieve.

Well, guess what!

The ONLY DIFFERENCE between you and the person you thought of might be experience AND the fact that they kicked fear to the back seat and allowed faith and inspiration to inspire them forward.

This means that they aren't living in lack and allowing feelings of fear and not enough to determine their future.

Instead, they do the daily work that it takes to feel abundant so they can align with principles of truth.

Because fear lowers your vibration and blocks your ability to receive light and knowledge so that you CAN take inspired action.

In fact, fear is Satan's biggest tool and unfortunately, he is a master at using it to manipulate us.

When this happens holds you hostage in limitation which blocks you from living your purpose and finding joy, peace, and fulfillment in your life. 

What is the opposite of fear, believe it or not, it's LOVE.

Love is the greatest power on earth!

It is what ALL the universal laws that even God is governed by are predicated upon.

We know from 1John 4:8 in the New Testament that, "God is love" and which is one of the reasons why God understands all the universal laws. 

We also learn in verse 18, "There is no fear in love, but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. (I don't know about you Marcydudall, but when I am in fear torment is a good word that describes how I feel.) He that feareth is NOT made perfect in love.

NOTE: Another synonym for perfect in the scriptures is WHOLE.

So, my friend, I would love to help you become more whole as you remove your blocks to love so that you can have the most inspired, abundant, fulfilling life possible. 

If your heart is full and your body is a little tingly then that is most likely a sign that what you are reading was written JUST FOR YOU!

Are you going to act on it?

Or are you going to let any limiting beliefs that are coming up right now get in your way? 

Your future experiences will be the outcome of your choice. ❤️ 

So kick any fears to the backseat and let faith and love inspire you to make the decision that is for YOUR HIGHEST GOOD!