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Janette VanLeer

As Founder of Transformation Energy Code, Janette offers coaching and classes for people ready to let go of who they think they are to become who they were meant to be.

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Sheena Wirick

I am Sheena, a wife, mother of 4, college graduate, homemaker, entrepreneur, and social butterfly. I am a certified energy practitioner and mentor. I have a passion for helping others transform their lives. Your time as a caterpillar has expired. Now is the time to transform your life with Sheena.

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Teri Walthall

As a Certified Transformation Code Practitioner and Coach, Teri practices intuitive healing thru interpersonal psychotherapy. Teri’s power and ability to help others is largely based on a deep personal connection to God. 

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Jetta Cook

Jetta draws on her vast experience and education including, certified Transformation Coach and Practitioner, many other certifications, and pre-med bachelor’s degree, as a jumping off point to use her intuition, knowledge, and skills.  Her multi-faceted approach allows her to tackle an issue (goals or health) from many different angles, creating deeper, lasting results.  Jetta uses all her years of experience and skill to tailor a special program just for you!

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