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Certified Transformation Code Practitioner & Coach

Feel divine connection, personal purpose, and an unending flow of love.

If you've been trying to meet all of the expectations for your family, your faith, and your community and still feel hollow, sad, and despair, and can't see what else to do, I promise there is hope!

About Teri

As the daughter of traumatized parents, my mom and dad began breaking the cycle of addiction by leaving the state they were raised in to start their own family.  

I followed their example, and was married at 19 years old, and had my first child one year later. Despite my best efforts, I found myself riddled with ongoing anxiety, perfectionism, codependency, and never-enough.

Fast forward 20 years, I believed changing my situation would fix the despair I felt inside of me. So, I enrolled in school full time, worked part-time, and was raising 3 teenagers at home, and had one adult child on a mission. I believed the lie, that if you do right, you'll feel good.  I was always doing and serving. But it was never enough.

I know now that I am a cycle breaker, which makes looking back at the last 40 years of depression more understandable. Combine that with the confusion and emotional toughness I wore to survive day-to-day, I was a hollow shell filled with despair.

My relationships felt so far away. I couldn't' see them. They were void. In fact, at this point my marriage of 20 years unraveled and I found myself divorced.


New Marriage, New Grandbabies, Same Haunting

In 2014, I found a new partner who was uplifting and validating in ways I didn't know were possible. Our family grew, with two of our adult children getting married. We have welcomed 6 grandbabies into the clan.

Even with so much to be grateful for I still found the chords of depression and not-enough firmly gripping my soul. I was living for other's betterment. I was serving to my own detriment; giving, and giving, and giving. My service wasn't for my family's highest good or even mine. I was sharing what I didn't have.

 I would find myself in moments, where I couldn't even see a reason for being here.

I woke up to suicide's deadly invitation sitting in a hotel with my new husband. I wanted to die. 

My husband recognized and insisted that I get help.

By series of divine interventions, including an introduction to EMDR, over 20 years' worth of self-help reading, therapy, and discovery of energy practitioners helped me understand that my body had more information than my brain could access. I found how limiting beliefs and blocks can be uncovered, dismantled, and rewritten.

"Ever since my first session with Teri I have noticed a distinct lessening of the jealousy and anger I had been living with. Life became calmer. I am infused with the feeling of "every thing will be ok." By clearing some blockages and identifying a hormonal state I have been able to think more clearly, even feel inspired. I valued her help so much I gifted my daughters with sessions too!"

- Bernette M.

Working with Janette Van Leer Transformed Me

For the first time in my life, I was able to feel God's love. I felt a connection to him and received validation and self-worth from Him.

I remember the day so clearly. I sat in our loft, watching a movie that portrayed God in a couple of ways. My mind opened to Mother in Heaven and the nurturing that comes from a mother figure. Love flowed over and through me. Because of the warmth, I felt like I was being held by divinity. I didn't have to hold myself anymore. I could use energy to express love to others in a new and healthy way.

I am now experiencing the heartbeat of a loving, fulfilling relationship with my husband and my children. My kids are happy to receive my phone calls instead of having trepidation about what I will say or do. Rather than feeling judged or criticized by me, they feel supported and validated.

I realized despite my best efforts before, I didn't know how to teach my kids where true love and validation actually come from. As I practiced the Transformation Code in my own life, I wanted my kids to learn it.  I had a front-row seat to their shift, feeling connected to God, and genuinely feeling peace. I realized I could help more people than just my kids.

Let's Get Started!

If you are reaching for God's love and you know your actions are in alignment, and still feel disconnected from your Heavenly Father, I have a solution for you. Gain clarity about how your relationship with Him can provide strength, power, and peace in your life. Maybe the Transformation Code is the next step in your journey to feeling your true worth, power and love.

Transformation Code

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Schedule a 45-minute breakthrough session with me where we are going to identify the blockages and limiting beliefs.

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The next step is to begin processing limiting beliefs and generational patterns that have blocked your connection to God.

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We will help you uncover your life's mission and purpose, and help you feel with certainty, God's love.

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