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Women's Business Retreat
April 24-26, 2020

Come play with us, learn with us, share with us, hike with us, laugh with us, cry with us, relax with us, and.....

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Do you need a break from the day to day grind so that you can get clarity on where you are going and what your next step is to get there in your business?

Are you craving community, support, and fun? 

Then that is why you are getting this email! 
This your opportunity to not only relax and recharge, but to network with other like minded women and create a network of empowerment, inspiration and collaboration.
This your opportunity to spend time with women that completely understand the fear, the stress, and the work that is involved with running your own business. 
Women that you can feel safe hanging out with, laughing with, and crying with, and talking about the ups and downs of entrepreneurship.
Women that can support you in bouncing your ideas off of and get honest feedback from.
Women that you can mastermind with, share your wins with, and have those deep conversations about personal development and mindset. 

Are you going to join us?


Here's the inside scoop about what's included.


This fantastic experience begins at noon as we all arrive at a beautiful condo in St.George UT. 

Lunch: Come hungry because you will have a yummy, nutritious lunch at 1:00.

Deep Dive: After lunch, Janette  VanLeer will help you with her intuitive gifts deep dive identify what your biggest mindst blocks are in your businesses. (I guarantee you that you are not alone in whatever is causing any fear, not enough, frustration, or insecurity in your ability to rock your business!)

The Power of Intention: Then we will set our intention of what we want from this weekend, by fully getting connected to your power, belief in yourself, and opening up to receive whatever your biggest breakthrough will be during our time together.

More Inspiration: Then we will wrap up the afternoon with a presentation by Sarah Johnson, "Training the Puppies - Harnessing the Power of the Subconscious Mind to Achieve Your Dreams."

Dinner: 6:00

Art:  Janette will uncover universal principals of abundance and how we can apply the law of being in flow and how it helps us to give and receive in our business. Then we will have a fun, no fail, hands-on workshop by Sarah to guide you through making a beautiful oceanic fluid-art paint pour that you can take home!



Zen: We will begin the day with a little bit of yoga and mediation to set the tone and create empowering energy for the day. 

Enjoy Nature: Then we will go on a walk/hike in nearby Red Cliffs National Park  and have lunch. 

Special Gift: Every participant will receive a complimentary headshot, taken throughout the retreat.

Mastermind: Then we will mastermind together, learn from each other, and realize that as we are all in the trenches together and are more alike than we realize.

Powerful Content: Bring your laptop! Back at the condo, in this workshop, you'll learn how to use stories in your business that can help grow your tribe, attract more customers, sell more products and help you stand out in the crowd. We will uncover a simple three-part storytelling formula, with the key components that are needed to craft content that can help you grow your business. Perfect for developing website content, elevator pitch copy, social media strategies, and more! The workshop is hands-on, so you'll take home finished marketing material that you can start using to increase profitability right away!

Dinner: 6:00

Evening: Watch an inspiring movie, relax, or visit with friends! It's your time to relax and unwind.



Journal: We will start the day with a powerful journal experience.

Breakfast: 9:00

Inspirational Content: Janette VanLeer will share three universal laws that help us align with our purpose so we can share our gifts through our business to our greatest capacity.

Optional Hike: Enjoy the breathtaking vistas of Snow Canyon with an easy, experiential hike and boxed lunch.

Back by 3:00: Lot's of hugs and head home.

The first 11 people who register will be sleeping in beds.
The others will bring an air mattress and bedding.

Price includes Sleeping accommodations, all meals and snacks, a take-home 11x14 canvas art, and a new digital headshot.

Special Features!

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Enjoy two nature adventures!

Enjoy outdoor exploration in Snow Canyon and Red Rock Canyon in St. George's most idealistic temperatures!

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Create your own fluid-pour art!

Enjoy step by step instruction infused with principles of flow and abundance to create your very own oceanic fluid art!

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Get a new headshot!

Take home a new headshot for your social media and marketing materials!

What's the cost? 

This is limited to the first 15 women

to say, "I'M IN!"  Are you in?


Meet Your Hosts

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Janette VanLeer

My mission is to help leaders un-become everything that isn't in alignment with their divinity and divine plan so they can be the magnificent son or daughter of God that they are!

Then they are free to lead with confidence, clarity, and purpose, making the difference in the world that only they can make. I do this through helping you identify the limiting beliefs, fears and sabotages that can slow down or stop you from continually moving forward toward your goals and dreams. 

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Sarah Johnson

My purpose is to to help entrepreneurs create websites and marketing strategies so they can connect, share, and inspire! I help you clarify your purpose, create successful sales funnels, and grow a base of raving fans. As co-founder of JamboJon websites, my study in sales, psychology, and human connection provides the foundation to create a product that harmonizes three components of website development including technology, storytelling, and graphics.

Save your spot!

What's the cost? 

This is limited to the first 15 women

to say, "I'M IN!"  Are you in?

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