It’s time to find your spark of hope.

Are you ready for your days to be filled with hope, optimism, and peace, even while the world is in chaos? Through Energy Work, your outer world will change as a result of the transformation of your inner world. Learn to peel back layers and remove walls from the past, revealing your true self. Learn how to overcome despair, overwhelm, and depression so you can be empowered to reach your goals and life's purpose.

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I am Sheena, a wife, mother of 4, college graduate, homemaker, entrepreneur, and social butterfly. I am a certified energy practitioner and mentor. I have a passion for helping others transform their lives. 🦋 I invite you to schedule a breakthrough session with me where I help you identify and release what is keeping you from moving forward in your life. Now is the time to transform your life with Sheena.

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Sheena's Story

I was rocking life in 2018. “Busy” is an understatement:

  • I was in my final year of college earning a dual major bachelor's degree with straight As.
  • We built our home and 4 other homes in 9 months and three weeks through Neighborhood Housing Solutions. This program allows you to build 65% of all the homes putting in 30 hours a week until they are all completed.
  • Plus we had two adorable children.


  • I was pregnant during the entire build and experienced gestational diabetes, heart palpitations, gallbladder issues and a trip to the ER.
  • I enjoyed teaching Relief Society.
  • We moved into our new home when my baby was a week old. Life was great!
  • Then, for me things began to fall apart.


"Sheena is so gifted and intuitive! I have loved my sessions with her. She was able to pinpoint my issues at the deepest level and release them, giving me so much clarity. I felt so much lighter and happier after working with her. I would recommend Sheena to anyone! She is the best! "

Julie Hawkes

Feeling out of control, overwhelmed, and feeling like a failure?

I shut down and became numb.

My dreams of an organized and spacious home became a nightmare of too much furniture. Furniture that was meant to go into a soon to be finished basement scheduled to only take a few short months. 15 months later…the furniture finally sat in it’s designated space.

Feeling out of control, overwhelmed, and feeling like a failure, I shut down and became numb.

It was January 3, 2019, another gloomy, cold, winter day. Overwhelmed with life, my house, and my role as a mother, I was numb and very depressed. My 4 month old was sleeping. My house was crammed with wall to wall furniture. There was a large couch sitting in the entryway that was a magnet for clutter. My space felt crammed and suffocating. My unfinished basement weighed heavily on my mind.

The house was quiet. In the stillness and my absolute despair, yet wanting to feel again, wanting to pull myself out of this darkness, my first inspired step came.

I felt to reach out to a friend and ask “What is the fastest way to start to feel again?” I walked into my overly crowded living room and sat at the computer desk my husband made for me. Sitting down on the wooden barstool, it was cold to the touch. I shivered as I heard the furnace kick on. I sat swiveling mindlessly back and forth as the computer was booting up. Shoulders hunched, feeling helpless, and feeling the weight of the world on my shoulders, all of a sudden lyrics came into my mind. “Tell your heart to beat again.”

"Sheena is a gifted healer. She helped me work on some generational issues using her transformation energy tools. I felt lighter and able to move on from that issue. I highly recommend a session with Sheena! "

Andrea R.

The words tugged at my heart with a familiarity that I cannot explain.

I played that song over and over that day, hoping to feel again.

That was the second inspired step that led to my healing and my life’s purpose. Everything is in divine order and everything is in perfect harmony.

That first inspired step led to the next step. I was prompted to reach out to a friend who introduced me to energy work. After making an appointment, I felt a spark of hope. My session was amazing! I felt so much lighter and connected spiritually then I had in a very long time. My vision seemed to improve like I was coming out of a fog. In a brief moment, life seemed manageable. Each inspired next step led me out of the darkness and helped me find the light again.

My days are filled with hope, optimism, and peace

Even while the world is in chaos.

As my inner world changed through energy work, my outer world changed through my actions.

I have slowly peeled back layers and removed walls from the past, revealing my true self. A better version of me.

When I look in the mirror, I recognize the woman staring back at me.

Over the course of several months I trained to become an energy practitioner. I now use the tools that helped me overcome despair, overwhelm, and depression to help empower other women.

My life transformed as my energy shifted from surviving to thriving, overwhelmed to relieved, and depressed to peaceful. If you feel it’s time to find your spark of hope, schedule a session with me.

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